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Hey there, I'm Carlos Roso

I'm a Software Engineer at Meta. Former SDE at Amazon. Ex digital nomad writing code at TopTal. I love doing open source (+3.1K stars & 4M installs) and personal projects in my spare time. As of early 2020, I'm git-ranked in my country as the Top 2 and Top 4 developer for JavaScript and TypeScript, correspondingly. Amateur designer for life. Fun facts: I enjoy playing piano and I’m an award wining robotics engineer.

What moves me

My mission is to teach everything I learn. While doing that, I hope to become a better software developer. I live to impact as many lives as possible with my writings and my code.

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The secret of living is giving. We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.

About this site

This is my negligible corner on the internet. I put everything here from my personal side projects, my views on life and personal growth, technical writings, and more.

Whether or not I’m nomading, I am and will always be a big advocate of remote work. You’ll find a lot of writings and recommendations on this topic here.

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