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July 07, 2020

How to import CSS files to Svelte

Learn how to import CSS from node_modules into Svelte components

Here’s how you import a CSS file from node_modules in a Svelte component. This post assumes you’re bundling your app with Rollup.

  1. Install the rollup plugin to process CSS files.
npm i rollup-plugin-css-only
  1. Configure the plugin in rollup.config.js. This will tell rollup to read the CSS imports and write them in a file called vendor.css.
+ import css from 'rollup-plugin-css-only';

export default {
  input: 'src/main.js',
  output: { ... },
  plugins: [
+   css({ output: 'public/build/vendor.css' }),
  1. Add the CSS file to index.html.
  <html lang="en">
+	<link rel='stylesheet' href='/build/vendor.css'>
    <script defer src='/build/bundle.js'></script>


  1. Import your CSS file in App.svelte. It’s not necessary to use the full path to node_modules.
+   import 'notyf/notyf.min.css';
	export let name;

 <main> <h1> Hello {name}! </h1> </main>

 <style> h1 { color: #ff3e00; } </style>

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