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April 01, 2020

Quarantine — Day 13

Mind-block. Open source, open source, open source.

This post is part of an ongoing series in which I document my journey through the COVID-19 quarantine. See Day 1 for full context.

Quick update

Woke up today to a blocked mind. I’m literally so full of ideas that I’m pretty much, well, ”out of ideas”. Not quite sure what to pursue and how to better spend my time. On the other side, I decided to just take some action and keep doing and shipping things.

I noticed there’s no good terminal reminder for Mac, just as Slack has its /reminder shortcut. I spent the whole day coming up with a good solution for this problem and made it open source. I ended up with a pretty solid, working solution.

Overall, working and creating took me out from my mind-block state, and I think that’s fine. I’ll need to do some more fine planning and user research to see where to go next. I still think building an audience is paramount for my goals, long term.

Data Report


  • Avoid news: No
  • Write blog: Yes
  • Personal growth: Yes. Kept reading Before you know it - John Bargh.
  • Wake up 5:00 am: No
  • Workout: No
  • Help someone: Yes
  • Time wasted < 90 mins: Yes


  • Spent: 75 USD
  • Stocks Portfolio (24h): -2.46%
  • Stocks Portfolio (All time): 2.5%
  • Cryptofolio (24h): +0.47%
  • Cryptofolio (All time): +16.6%

Stay tuned.


I'm Carlos Roso. I'm a Software Engineer and digital nomad at Toptal. Previously Software Architect at Crossover. In love with open source and design.

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