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April 04, 2020

Quarantine — Day 16

Netflix 'n chill

This post is part of an ongoing series in which I document my journey through the COVID-19 quarantine. See Day 1 for full context.

Quick update

Used my morning to design the landing page of the guide I’m launching soon. I’m happy to able to share all my knowledge to pass the Toptal interview. The rest of the day went by pretty chilling, watching Netflix with wife and eating a lot.

Being my 3rd saturday in quarantine, I feel like I’m enjoying my time even a little bit than usual. I’m surprised on how well I’m taking all this. I’m very optimistic, and I think that’s allowed me to focus on what I can influence instead of what I cannot.

Data Report


  • Avoid news: Yes
  • Write blog: No
  • Personal growth: Yes. Kept reading Before you know it - John Bargh.
  • Wake up 5:00 am: Yes
  • Workout: No
  • Help someone: Yes
  • Time wasted < 90 mins: No


  • Spent: 20 USD
  • Stocks Portfolio (24h): 0% (weekend)
  • Stocks Portfolio (All time): +1.81%
  • Cryptofolio (24h): +2.43%
  • Cryptofolio (All time): +25.76%

Stay tuned.


I'm Carlos Roso. I'm a Software Engineer and digital nomad at Toptal. Previously Software Architect at Crossover. In love with open source and design.

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