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June 02, 2020

Quarantine — Day 76


This post is part of an ongoing series in which I document my journey through the COVID-19 quarantine. See Day 1 for full context.

Quick update

As part of my vacation plan, I had allocated Wednesday to send the newsletter and write a post in DEV to keep my consistency flowing. Cracking the Toptal Interview is finally out and sent, I feel so proud. Finally, I posted a cool article on DEV about tips for showing the work experience on the resume. Finally, I created a new landing page to gather emails related to career growth only, let’s see how it goes.

I had a cool introspection section about fears and the things I’m most scared about. I’ll keep it to myself but I’d recommend this [written] exercise to anyone, it’s so fulfilling.


I'm Carlos Roso. I'm a Software Engineer and digital nomad at Toptal. Previously Software Architect at Crossover. In love with open source and design.

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