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June 23, 2020

Quarantine — Day 97

The empty city

This post is part of an ongoing series in which I document my journey through the COVID-19 quarantine. See Day 1 for full context.

Quick update

I went outside for the first time in the whole quarantine. It’d been 3 months without stepping a foot out of my building complex. Ran legal errands related to the sale of my place. I also wrote a new blog post: are these lists equal. I’m trying to find a compelling way of teaching algorithms - not sure if videos or written posts are the right way to go, so I’m doing some customer research.

BTW, the city looks so empty. Social distancing feels very real.


I'm Carlos Roso. I'm a Software Engineer and digital nomad at Toptal. Previously Software Architect at Crossover. In love with open source and design.

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