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May 04, 2020

Resume Review - Uzoma

Great experience and education. Needs adjustment to make it more readable.

First impression - 60 seconds review

  • Candidate looks smart with relevant experience
  • Resume might just be too large, can be put into 1 page.
  • It’s hard to navigate, I’d like more bullets to help me skim through the highlights
  • I’m missing numbers and stats, something that triggers me to move forward
  • Great education, it’s definitely a strong part of the resume
  • Good layout, looks clean
  • It’s missing a cover


I recommend you to put a cover on the top of your resume. It’s a strong signal for recruiters to move forward reading your resume. It should be straight to the point. It should summarize who you are, what experience you got and a great milestone you have achieved. Tell me in just a few lines what are you good at and what makes you different.

I’d go with something like this for you:

Data scientist with experience extracting, analyzing and mangling +50TB data corpus. I’ve developed data pipelines for highly-critical business operations in Python, MSSQL, PowerBI and R. More than 4 years of experience in full-stack web development with over 30 apps built in JavaScript, Vue, Django and MySQL. Passionate for teaching, I’ve given lectures on advanced analytics and Machine Learning to over 300 undergraduate students. I hold 2 masters on Data Science and Software Engineering.

That’s just an idea, you need to craft it as you see fit. For me, that gives me a clear idea of the candidate and triggers me to keep on reading. See that I’m using numbers and power words to stick in the recruiters mind.


I challenge you to make this resume 1 page only. People with less than 10 years of exp should have a 1-page resume, even more if you’re applying for top-tech companies. Normally, having a long resume doesn’t convey you have a lot of experience, but rather you find it hard to communicate your achievements clearly.

Work Experience

I recommend putting the main info in bullets. Humans love lists as they are easier to navigate and reason about. Also, put super specific data on those bullets. Put more numbers to make it more appealing to the recruiter. Wherever possible, try following the format “Accomplished X by implementing Y which led to Z” (credits). Let’s run through some samples:

  • Trimble

    • Helped visualize over 10 million transport accident reports by leveraging PowerBI and correlation analysis in R and Python.
    • Speed up by 10x the data gathering and analysis by implementing fault-tolerant data pipelines in Python and MSSQL from sources like NetSuite and JIRA.
    • Helped stakeholders take multi-millionare business decisions by building data dashboards and reports sourced from +50GBs of data.
  • Hyper Digital

    • Helped +10 customers automate their business processes by writing full-stack webapps with Vue, Django, and MySQL.
    • Reduced time-to-market in +400% by setting up Python scripts to automate deployments leveraging Docker and Vagrant. This resulted in much faster (~2x) scrum iterations.
  • Kent State

    • Instructed +300 undergrad students on topics such as advanced Business Analytics and Machine Learning.

Now, that’s just something I came up with very quickly, you’ll need to do your homework and work it out better. I guess you get the idea now.


Amazing education. I just find it interesting that you put a description from your bachelor of engineering but not from your masters, which are more important in this case. I’d try to remove data from the undergrad and put one relevant bullet on the masters sections. It might be a highlight like “Research on highly compliant setups to build parallel data pipelines in low-cost storage devices”.


If you still have space (to fit in 1 page) I’d add a small section with skills and your proficiency on them. Something like:

  • Python, R, MySQL: Expert
  • Django, JavaScript, Vue: Proficient

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